Frequently Asked Questions and general info


We understand there are a lot of questions you may have before getting on a 800 pound animal.  We'll try to address some common questions we've been asked over the years. Of course, if we don't cover your particular inquiry, feel free to reach out.


Q.  What are the ages you allow?

A.  We accommodate ages 6 through 106.  If your 107 or older, well... you can ride too.  Chances are that's all you had growing up with no cars.


Q.  Do you provide helmets?

A.  Absolutely!  Ages 17 and under are required by law to wear them.  18 and over, we provide them and it's your choice.  (But I would set an example)


Q.  What do I wear?

A.  No Shirt, No Shoes, NO SERVICE!!!  Also, jeans and closed toed shoes are recommended.


Q.  Can we run, trot or gallop?

A.  All you experts can run as fast as you want, but only on foot.  You will be regulated to our trail bosses pace for safety concerns.


Q.  What if it's too hot to ride?

A.  The safety of you and the horse is our top priority, however the trails are covered by a canopy of trees.  On average it's 13 degrees cooler in the forest.  


Q.  What if me or someone in my party is overweight?

A.  We understand and appreciate your concern.  We do set what we call stature limits.  It's not about the weight, but how it's placed.  Please call Sherri for more information in complete discretion.


Q.  Will bug spray hurt the horses?

A.  No, in fact we supply it.


Q.  Will we see any wildlife?

A.  We hope so.  Both Pinckney and Waterloo have wild turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, wood peckers, owls, hawks and we've been fortunate to see deer and even fawns being born.  No Panda Bears yet.  We really want to see one of those.


Q.  Do I need experience?

A.  No!  You will have a lesson before we start.  By the end of the ride, you'll be ready for the rodeo.


Q.  What if I'm scared?

A.  Very understandable.  These are very large animals.  We would never put you in danger.  Every one of our horses have logged hundreds if not thousands of rides with just as many unique riders.  Be honest with us on your concern and we'll address it.