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Is there a Horse Boarding problem because of a hay shortage in your area?

The past spring drought has really caused some havoc on the Michigan hay crops in our area! 

Some farmers are reporting a yield that is 1/3 to 1/2 of their normal crop and for some the 2nd cutting was almost as bad. Because the hay farmers have to cover their own needs, many small stables were not even able to get their usual season order filled!

(Some stables in our area have put a freeze on boarding because of the lack of hay)

We've Got Hay!!  Read below if you are having trouble finding Boarding or if you just want a new place to keep your horse:

Need a great place to board your equine? Read on......

Horse' N Around Stables Boarding
Horse' N Around Stables, Inc.
Equine Boarding Video

Important Horse Boarding Information


Its been many years since Horse’ N Around Stables, Inc. has had a Board increase. With fuel, hay, grain, insurance and services such as Veterinarian and Farrier all continuing to raise prices, Horse Boarding for us has unfortunately been an upward climb since the onset of Covid. Many facilities have had a few rate hikes in the last few years due to necessity.


After going over our 2023 profits and losses, Horse’ N Around Stables, Inc. is forced into making a much overdue Board increase. Even though we do have our hay and sawdust paid off enough to carry us through till Spring 2024, the increase prices for fuel, grain, insurance and all the services have us starting off this year at a loss.


As of February 1st 2024, for all new boarders, our horse board will increase to $400.00 per month (please read above & below for all our amenities).


We will still offer our Chores Discount of $50 a month for any boarders interested. For the discount you will need to be available once a week for 60-90 minutes to perform barn chores. Board will then be $350.00 per month. Any missed chores will require a make up chores day from you, or a prorate on your board.


We realize that no one likes to see prices go up, but unfortunately, we really have no choice.


Thank You - Horse' N Around Stables, Inc.

Boarding at Horse’ N Around Stables, Inc.

Our Stable is located in Pinckney MI., just a short ride to the Lakeland Trails. It's the 34-mile-long linear trail that stretches between Ingham and Livingston counties and passes through woods, pastures, picturesque wetlands and by the beautiful Huron River. We can ride from the here to the Brighton Recreation Area and also can ride from here to the Waterloo Recreation Area, so there is plenty of riding available! 

Some boarders choose to do chores 1 day a week {1½ hours) for a reduced board of $310.00 , now $350.00 per month. Some boarder’s jobs, or home location don’t allow them to participate in the weekly chores, for them full board is $350.00 now $400.00 per month. 

We have have 13 pastures and paddocks. There is also a portable toilet, microwave, toaster oven and refrigerator to use. 

There is plenty of shade, run ins, shelters and stalls. There are water hydrants throughout the property for convenience. 

Board includes am & pm grain, hay huts for 24/7 hay availability, and lunches on an as needed basis. There is a tack room for boarders for your personal items. 


Inoculations & worming must be on the herd’s schedule to control the spread of illness, disease, and parasites. 


You may use your own farrier & veterinarian or you may use the barns. We don’t offer indoor and outdoor board. The herd is out! Every equine will be inside a stall, run in, or lean too when it is below 20°, freezing rain, or during dangerously low wind chills to get out of the elements. 


Outside equines are healthy equines, however, offering comfort and safety is our mission. 


I have a degree in equine sciences, and served a 5 year internship working in equine emergencies for a veterinarian. I was formerly the barn manager for Michigan’s largest 501 C3 rescue for 12 years and was responsible for over 100 equines. 


My husband works for a large animal feed store and is very educated in equine care and nutrition. 


Many of my boarders have been with us for more than 12 years. We are a no maintenance, no drama group that loves to get together and ride. 


We have a private Facebook Group that keeps everyone in touch and it's an easy way to put a "Who Wants To Ride" post out for everyone to see. 

I have 42 equines, 10 of which are boarders. You won’t be able to pick out which belong to boarders, which are the stable equines, and which are my own personal equines. This is because ALL OF THE EQUINES ARE FED, TREATED & LOVED EQUALLY. EVERY BOARDER HERE TREATS EVERY EQUINE AS IF THEY PERSONALLY OWNED EVERY ONE OF THEM. 

Click on the tabs above to learn more about Horse’ N Around Stables, Inc.

Check out our reviews too.

I insist on being completely transparent.

Give me a call - Sherri  734-637-4457

Below is a picture of some of the hay we have in stock - YES, we have plenty more!

In fact - our boarders horses (and our own horses) have access to fresh hay 24/7!!

If you board with us you can be assured your horse will have all the hay it will need

to keep warm in a Michigan Winter and year round.

Here are some of our chores people, boarders, volunteers and Wranglers.
We call them our:

Horse' N Around Village
Horse' N Around Stables Wranglers

Going out on a fun trail ride together

Some of the Crew at a Haunted Forest

At a Horse' N Around Stables get together enjoying the band.

The Horse' N Around Stables, Inc. Waterloo location is now closed for the season. We want to say THANK YOU to each & everyone for your patronage.

We have everything moved to our Pinckney Facility.
Hunting Season has ended so we are NOW OPEN!

We look forward to seeing you at our Pinckney Facility. In addition to our move, we are busy doing a Pinckney Makeover! Please stay tuned for our up & coming events and specialty rides.

Now this is what


looks like!

We welcome kids from 6 to 106.

Silver Saddles Program

Horse’ N Around Stables, Inc. has had many inquires from seniors looking to continue their passion for horseback riding. Whether they had sold their steed, it sadly passed on, or their thoughts were just “I’m too old for this & don’t have the time or money to be the owner of my own horse”.

We already have many seniors and retirees (some in their 70’s) that have been coming out for years to enjoy riding the trails. We’re a tight knit group. These folks come out to ride our horses without the work or financial burden that comes with owning a horse.

We are now ready to offer a wellness choice that is practical and affordable for the older horse lover. We call it our Silver Saddles Program.

Make sure to Read carefully below to see if it's the right fit for you.

2023 Silver Saddles pricing.jpg

Silver Saddles is a program for past horse owners/leasers who know how to safely accomplish the following without help:

  • Go out into a 5 acre pasture with 15 horses then locate the horse they will be riding.

  • Walk up to it & attach a halter & lead rope.

  • Safely walk the horse through the pasture & out of the gate without letting any of the other 15 horses out.

  • Properly tie & brush the horse.

  • Correctly lift & pick each of the horse’s hoofs.

  • From your years of experience you can, without assistance, mount and dismount the horse, and safely ride the trail.


Since there will be NO paid Horse’ N Around Stables, Inc. staff provided to help you, it is easier to offer these prices.

If you fit this category of older experienced riders, text the words

"silver saddles"

to Sherri and she will give you a call back to talk about the program.

(remember - she may be doing Barn-Stuff so be patient with the call back) 



Connect with your Horse, Nature, and your Inner Peace



Horse' N Around Stables, Inc.
5833 Spears Rd. Pinckney, MI 48169

By Appointment Only

Contact Holly with your desired Date & Time

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Trail Ride Information:

You must arrive 20 - 30 minutes prior to appointment time or you may miss your ride.
All of our rides are Guided.

24 hour notice for any reservation changes, cancellations or late arrivals is mandatory. Our rides leave the barn ON TIME. We will NOT hold up a ride for late arrivals as this would not be fair to our On-Time guests! You MUST arrive a minimum of 20 minutes BEFORE your ride time (at least 30 minutes for groups of 7 or more). There is No Refund for no-shows or late arrivals.
Weather is always a factor considered for refunds. We cannot operate in thunder & lightning.Any rescheduled ride granted must be used in the same year it was recieved.
The best form of communication is texting. We only have 1 phone line and we are trying our best to address any calls.


any failure to comply to reservation terms forfeit their deposit & or fee's paid if their reservation time slot has been canceled. Leaving this time slot unable to reschedule.


By electronically signing & dating on line, you are accepting & agreeing to the terms & policies of your reservation.

Like a Dr. Or Dental appointment, or salon appointment, it is imperative that we operate on time, no exceptions.

It is your responsibility to be ready, these rides must operate on time, if for any reason anyone in your party is going to cause a delay, the ride will be canceled.


this time is mandatory, we guarantee 1 full hour for your ride. WE CAN NOT ACCOMMODATE LATE ARRIVALS

It is your responsibility to make sure weight requirements are true & accurate, along with age & height requirements.

It is your responsibility to make sure bilingual guests understand the mandatory safety lesson before the ride ( these lessons are being video taped & are in English) Your guests WILL be asked questions. They MUST be able to communicate. Failure to do so in English will forfeit their ride. This is for their safety. 

It is posted: we have the right to refuse service to anyone for the purpose of safety & accord.

It is your responsibility to assure that yourself & your guests are conducting themselves in a safe, orderly & non combative manor.

Again any conflict, your ride will be canceled & there are NO REFUNDS !

Before you mount one of these

You may have to mount one of these

True and accurate weights are extremely important.

(all weights taken are confidential) 

Our maximum weight limit is 240lbs, however, not ALL of our equines can accommodate a 240lbs person. They too have their own individual weight limitations, therefore YOUR ACCURATE WEIGHT IS IMPERATIVE.

Ex: If you make a reservation stating you are 170lbs we will have an equine for you that can accommodate 170lbs, but when you arrive and are actually 200lbs we may not have an equine available for you and we will NOT exceed our equine's weight limits, therefore, if your weight is more than you claimed it to be you will forfeit your ride and there are NO refunds.

Below is the Thompson family from their ride in 2022. They have been joining us every summer for years here at Horse N Around Stables, Inc.


The Thompson family gets bigger & bigger each year. 3 of the grandchildren recently turned 6 and were able to join in on the ride. In a nut shell, 3 kids are 12, 1 is 11, 1 is 10, 1 is 8 and the grand finale 3 just turned 6 .

With us being the only riding stables that goes all the way down to 6 yrs of age, I can't tell you how happy I was to hear there are 2 more that are 4 years old, so this is something we’ll all be looking forward to in 2 more years. This is a special treat that grandma and grandpa do every summer  with their grandkids. And grandma and grandpa also help wrangle during the ride! What a gas!

Happy Family on Horseback

Give us a call or text us
to schedule your guided trail ride:

Text us for quickest response

or better yet -

Fill out our reservation form and we will call you back. (within 24 hours)

Horseback Riding in Michigan

We started Horse' N Around Stables, Inc. well over 20 years ago with one thing in mind, our love of equines.  After all these years, our passion for these magnificent creatures has grown into something more, and we want to share our love with you.


Nearly all of our equines were rescued from abuse, neglect or surrendered.  They have been re-habilitated by Sherri Richardson herself, a lifelong equine owner.  Sherri does this not as an occupation, but a passion in her life.


Come visit Horse' N Around Stables, Inc. in Pinckney for an experience you'll never forget.


"Equines are like people, they each have a personality of their own".  Come meet one that you'll call a friend after only an hour.


Come see why CBS Detroit ranked Horse' N Around Stables, Inc. in the TOP THREE places in Michigan to ride equines.


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Equine Award Winner

Phone: (734)-637-4457

(text for quickest response)






Pinckney Stables: 5833 Spears Rd. Pinckney MI, 48169

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