Horse boarding available. Scroll down for details.

Black Friday Specials below.....

 Waterloo is closed for the season.

Thank you for your patronage. We will re-open in May of 2022. The Pinckney facility will re-open right after deer rifle season, December 2021 and remain open through the 2022 winter season.


You must arrive 20 - 30 minutes prior to appointment time depending on the size of your party.

24 hour notice for any reservation changes or cancellations is mandatory.

Weather is always a factor considered for refunds. We cannot operate in thunder & lightning.

The best form of communication is texting. We only have 1 phone line and we are trying our best to address any calls.



any failure to comply to reservation terms forfeit their deposit & or fee's paid if their reservation time slot has been canceled. Leaving this time slot unable to reschedule.


By electronically signing & dating on line, you are accepting & agreeing to the terms & policies of your reservation.

Like a Dr. Or Dental appointment, or salon appointment, it is imperative that we operate on time, no exceptions.

It is your responsibility to be ready, these rides must operate on time, if for any reason anyone in your party is going to cause a delay, the ride will be canceled.


this time is mandatory, we guarantee 1 full hour for your ride. WE CAN NOT ACCOMMODATE LATE ARRIVALS

It is your responsibility to make sure weight requirements are true & accurate, along with age & height requirements.

It is your responsibility to make sure bilingual guests understand the mandatory safety lesson before the ride ( these lessons are being video taped & are in English) Your guests WILL be asked questions. They MUST be able to communicate. Failure to do so in English will forfeit their ride. This is for their safety. 

It is posted: we have the right to refuse service to anyone for the purpose of safety & accord.

It is your responsibility to assure that yourself & your guests are conducting themselves in a safe, orderly & non combative manor.

Again any conflict, your ride will be canceled & there are NO REFUNDS !

You may have to mount 1 before you mount the other.


True and accurate weights are extremely important. Our maximum weight limit is 240#, however, not ALL of our horses can accommodate a 240# person. They too have their own individual weight limitations, therefore YOUR ACCURATE WEIGHT IS IMPERATIVE.

Ex: If you make a reservation stating you are 170# we will have a horse for you that can accommodate 170#, but when you arrive and are actually 200# we may not have a horse available for you and we will NOT exceed our horse's weight limits, therefore, if your weight is more than you claimed it to be you will forfeit your ride and there are NO refunds.

Please be sure to read our FAQ's page under the "FAQ's and More" tab as we have made several changes. This will also answer any questions you may have.  

Black Friday Specials....

All discounts, bargains, savings and packages are being offered for a limited time only. There 

is also a limit on how many of each will be sold. (packages, Santa Bucks, and Kid's Kamp offers)

so first come, first served. There are no refunds on any of our offers.

All rides are to be at the Waterloo location from May - October 2022. None of these offers may

be used along with any other specials or discounts. 

Packages can be a gift certificate format or in a pre-made page for you to present upon each use.

Each package has its own guidelines, so be sure to read carefully to be sure to choose the one

that is right for you or your loved one. All packages must have pre-arranged reservations. Kid's 

Kamp dates can be chosen April of 2022. We will hold kamp open until you choose. Santa Bucks

will be used same as cash.

All packages and Santa Bucks must be redeemed by October 15, 2022. We can no longer 

accommodate last minute reservations. We must remain open to the public until the end of the

month, therefore we cannot allow last minute reservations to hamper the open time slots that

are available for the public. 4% fee on credit card purchases.

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Gift certificates are always available.


Need a great place to board your horse? Read on......

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Help Wanted Ad.jpg

This is the Thompson family. They have been joining us every summer here at Horse N Around Stables. The Thompson family gets bigger & bigger each year. 3 of the grandchildren recently turned 6 and were able to join in on the ride. In a nut shell, 3 kids are 12, 1 is 11, 1 is 10, 1 is 8 and the grand finale 3 just turned 6 .

With us being the only riding stables that goes all the way down to 6 yrs of age I can't tell you how happy I was to hear there are 2 more that are 4, so this is something we’ll all be looking forward to in 2 more years. This is a special treat that grandma and grandpa do every summer  with their grandkids. And grandma and grandpa also help wrangle during the ride! What a gas!

Give us a call to schedule your ride.

Horseback Riding in Michigan

We started Horse' N Around Stables nearly 20 years ago with one thing in mind, our love of horses.  After all these years, our passion for these magnificent creatures has grown into something more, and we want to share our love with you.


Nearly all of our horses were rescued from abuse or neglect.  They have been re-habilitated by Sherri Richardson herself, a lifelong horse owner.  Sherri does this not as an occupation, but a passion in her life.


Come visit Horse' N Around Stables at Waterloo or Pinckney for an experience you'll never forget.


"Horses are like people, they each have a personality of their own".  Come meet one that you'll call a friend after only an hour.


Come see why CBS Detroit ranked Horse' N Around Stables at Waterloo and Pinckney both TOP FIVE places in Michigan to ride horses.


Click here to listen to our radio commercial.----->

<----Click here to read and write Google reviews.

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Equine Award Winner

Phone: (734)-637-4457






Waterloo Stables: 12891 Trist Rd.

Grass Lake, 49240


Pinckney Stables: 5833 Spears Rd. Pinckney MI, 48169

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